Why Sandwich Panels Make Good Use of Color Steel Sandwich Board Thickness Specifications

The sandwich panel is still used more in decoration. This kind of panel also has its unique characteristics. Because of these reasons, it is loved by people. The different specifications of the plates also have different uses. The following small series will introduce to you about why the sandwich panel is easy to use and the thickness specification of the color steel sandwich panel is several.

First, why the sandwich panel easy to use

1. First of all, this kind of board uses styrene as the core material, and some people call it the EPS color steel sandwich panel. Its ordinary customer plate has beautiful appearance and beautiful color. Heat curing compounded ultra-light construction panels in a continuous molding machine using heat curing.

2. The lighter weight is 1/30 of the weight of the concrete roof, thermal insulation (its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.034w/mk).

3, with no wet job, so you can also do not have the characteristics of the second decoration.

4. This product also has obvious advantages in terms of the reusability index of detachable packaging materials.

5. The cost of temporary installations on construction sites is greatly reduced. Therefore, this is a new type of building envelope material with integrated weight, heat preservation and waterproof decoration. It is suitable for: purification of existing buildings of factory buildings, industrial plants, warehouses and cold storage facilities. Add layers, temporary offices, markets, booths, etc.

Second, color steel sandwich panel thickness specifications

1, Caigang sandwich panels, in fact, refers to color coated steel, color coated steel This is a kind of organic coated steel. Color steel plate it is also divided into single board, Caigang composite board, floor boards and so on. This material is also widely used for wall surfaces and roofs of large public buildings, public factories, movable board houses, and integrated houses.

2. The substrate of the color steel plate is a cold-rolled substrate, a hot-dip galvanized substrate and an electro-galvanized substrate. This kind of coating can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, vinylidene fluoride and plastisol. The surface condition of the color steel plate can be divided into coated plate, embossed plate and printing plate. The color steel plate is widely used in construction household appliances and transportation and other industries. For the construction industry, it is mainly used in steel structure factories, airports, warehouses and refrigeration industries, etc. Commercial building roof walls and doors, etc., civil construction uses less color steel plate.

Xiao Bian summary: What are the benefits and sandwich panels on steel sandwich panel thickness specifications related content on the introduction to this, the usefulness of sandwich panels is quite extensive, but in different places it is very different in thickness, So be sure to find out before use.

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