Who would dare to buy these cabinets if the service is so bad?

When we choose cabinets, we often hear people say that "XX cabinets are of good quality" and "XX cabinets are cheap." In fact, this argument is wrong. Cabinets are not an independent commodity; they require assembly, installation, and maintenance. Therefore, in addition to the quality of each part of the product itself, the service of the merchant is also crucial. Poor installation and poor service in the later period will cause the decorator to add a lot of trouble and the cabinet itself will be devalued. Listen to consumers who suffer from it!

"Big hands are not necessarily trustworthy!"

"Rong XX," a good brand, my washing machine is Rong XX's quality is good, after sales is not bad. So when we first saw the "Rong XX" cabinet, we did not hesitate to choose this brand. The subsequent encounter was really difficult. First we couldn't deliver the goods on time, and when we sent it to the other side, we found that the goods had been sent wrong, resulting in failure to install and reordering. Waiting for another cycle, once again found that the goods were wrong, found that the design was unreasonable during the installation process, the final installation is complete, engage in a stomach, the installation of the gap between the cabinet is narrow and wide. Because the prepayment requirement to pay the money, resulting in no complaints, can only let Rongshida led the nose to go, and finally learned that Rong XX cabinet is a bit like the contract, so install and after sales have to take chance!

"Response indefinitely, regretted dead!"

Now I am sorry to die, I bought the Ox XXX cabinet, the service was bad, the money came in fast, and the bad job was done. When the contract was signed a year ago, the money would be faster. Now things are not done. No more than 10 telephone calls. Also said that after sales, one fumes us. The door panels are unevenly installed, the handles of the cabinets are not installed, and the design of the cabinets is not correct. Now it is regret! Calling always used to perfunctor us. The bowl panel is not the double-sided lacquer panel that we want. There are two open holes on the panel. There is a drawer panel that doesn't know what is corroded. There are two small white spots off the paint on the panel under the sink. Three door panels The sales manager of the XXX company has agreed to rework the factory. I hope that the head of the Austrian XXX can look at the installation date on the contract. Is it too far away from now? ! Frankly speaking, for us these consumers, we are all laymen, I believe buy is because this is everyone's choice. I didn't expect to end up with a bunch of troubles. I really regretted not choosing a branded product. Perhaps there wouldn't be so many problems.

"You evaporate and kill us!"

I bought a full set of cabinets in the figure XXX store in the building materials market. The unit price is 1170 yuan for a prolonged meter, and 3.44 meters for the extended cabinet costs 4032 yuan. This price is not very low! But a year later, the countertops of my cabinet began to crack, and the trim strips on the side of the door panels fell off. At that time, I contacted the telephone they had given me, a dozen, an empty number, and at the sight of that, the cabinet was removed. Asked the staff, they said they could not contact the figure XXX store. I am a greeting. How to do it, had to drag it. But now it's too late to drag. Cracks are getting bigger and bigger. I don't fear that the countertops will soon be cut off. Figure XXX cabinet Shanghai Branch Where did you go in the end? Do you just sell the cupboards? Sold out the cupboard and there is a problem. Do you keep silent? Students, after buying the cabinet must be clear about the details of after-sales service, there can be as long as the store's phone, it is best to go to the headquarters of the company, anyway, to buy a cabinet to a well-known company to buy better. I recognise it! !

"This kind of service attitude, where can the product go?"

Yesterday, because I was planning to decorate my house and be entrusted by several friends who wanted to buy the cabinets, I wanted to go and see the cabinets. In the Evening News, I saw that buying Han X was more famous. I went to the store to see it, and I went there for 10 minutes. There wasn’t a single person to call, call to call, stretch, stretch, and chat as if I couldn’t afford his cabinet. I had to personally go to the help desk to ask the young lady, but he didn't even look at me. I overwhelmed the anger and wanted to see a cupboard offer at the table. I wondered if the lady had married me. The life of the "squeaky" robbed the quotation in the past, leaving me only to be stunned! How can you treat customers like this? I have seen many cabinet shops and never seen such a bad business! The service attitude is so, how is the product quality? Maybe everyone has their own count! I will never introduce any of my friends to this shop to buy cabinets!

Edit Comment:

In addition to the quality of the cabinet itself, the quality of cabinets also includes the service of cabinets. When purchasing, do not pay attention to the product and ignore the after-sales service. Before buying the cabinets, take a look at the relevant reviews and see how the Chinese-Italian brand's reputation has been. Second, when signing a contract, we must clearly read the terms of the after-sales section and not leave loopholes that allow unscrupulous traders to fish in trouble. In addition, some businesses will delay the delay until they exceed the contract time. They must not be allowed to meet this kind of thing. They must insist on principles and come up with reasonable arguments. . When the promised after-sales service of the factory has been unwilling to be honored, the consumer can call 315 consumer complaints to avoid complaints after the contract expires.

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