What is the price of orchids diatom mud?

Today, in the building materials market, there is a kind of environmental protection material called diatom mud that is very popular with consumers. It is said that it is green and has a good decorative effect. Among the brands, Lanshee diatom mud also has a good consumer reputation. How about ransjo diatom mud it? Ransjo diatom mud What are the advantages? Here at regulating the family with a small series together to understand it!

Is Lanshe diatom mud a first-line brand?

1. The company was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Changchun. It covers an area of ​​about 15 acres and it is a leading brand in the diatom mud industry.

2. It belongs to the first-line brand. The company focuses on the production and research and development of products. It has so far obtained 4 national invention patents, 15 utility model and appearance patents, and 49 copyrights.

What is the quality of the Lanshee diatom mud?

1. It uses the diatomaceous earth with the best quality in Changbai Mountain and has good adsorption. It can effectively adsorb some pollutants in the air into the diatom mud and play a role in purifying the air.

2. It developed the Lanshe No. 1, has obtained the national patent, it can be decomposed on the side of adsorption, can solve the shortcomings of the general diatom mud only adsorption does not decompose.

3. It has a professional construction team. Each master has undergone rigorous professional training, so that the construction quality is guaranteed.

What are the advantages of orchid blue diatom mud?

1. It has the function of purifying the air

a. Remove formaldehyde. After the renovation of our house, most floors, wardrobes, and other furniture will emit some harmful substances, while the Lanshee diatom mud can open the holes and absorb these harmful substances in the air. The role of decomposition, elimination.

b. Eliminating odors. It can eliminate indoor odors, whether it is fish smell, pet body odor or some unpleasant smell, it can keep indoor air fresh.

c. Sterilization. It can kill bacteria in the air and play a role in sterilization.

2. It has the function of breathing and humidity control

During the rainy season, it can suck in the moisture from the air to store it. When the room air becomes dry, it can release the water again. It can automatically adjust the room temperature to the right temperature, and it will not let the quilt, clothing and The moldy appearance of the wall.

3. Its long service life

4. It has the function of self-cleaning

It is a natural material, it does not contain heavy metals, it will not generate static electricity, so if its surface is a small area of ​​dirt, we can rub it with an eraser, and it is non-dusting .

How much is the price of Lanshee diatom mud?

There are many product categories in the brand, and the prices of different models in different series are different. Usually its price is calculated in square meters. This price is included in the contract. Its selling price ranges from RMB 180/sqm to RMB 600/sqm. The selected series is different, and the quality of the product is different, and the price will be higher.

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Lanshee diatom mud

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