What is the difference between parquet and laminate flooring?

Composite flooring is divided into solid wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Consumers often do not know clearly when buying flooring. What is the difference between parquet and laminate flooring? What is the latest national standard for parquet? This article takes everyone together to learn about it!

What is the difference between parquet and laminate flooring?

The advantages of parquet are:

1.Inherited the elegant natural nature of solid wood flooring. Feel comfortable and good thermal insulation characteristics, overcome the solid wood floor due to monomer shrinkage. Easy to crack the lack of cracks, has a good dimensional stability, and pest control. Does not help combustion. Anti-warping deformation. From the perspective of the protection of forest resources, it is a new generation of solid wood flooring products.

2. It has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance of reinforced composite flooring, avoiding the high formaldehyde emission on the laminate flooring, imperfections and other defects. The high-grade solid wood composite floor adopts high-grade matt paint, which has high abrasion resistance and gentle brightness. It is generally used in households without waxing and maintenance. It does not need to be painted for several years. Solid wood flooring uses more formaldehyde to release a lower amount of adhesive, good environmental protection.

3. Solid wood composite floor also has one of the biggest advantages is the processing of high precision, surface layer. The core layer. The underlying layer of the process requirements are higher than other wood floors, so the structure is stable, the installation effect is good.

The disadvantages of parquet:

The wear resistance is not as high as the laminate flooring; the price is high; due to the high process requirements. The structure is complex and the quality is very different. The intrinsic quality is not easy to identify so-called solid wood composite flooring, that is, the boards in each layer are solid wood instead of reinforced composite. The floor is made of medium density board.

Solid wood composite floors have three layers, five layers and multiple layers. Regardless of the number of layers, the basic feature is that the fibers of each layer are criss-cross. This not only counteracts the internal stress of the wood, it also changes the characteristics of the unidirectional homogeneity of the wood and makes the floor become isotropic. Therefore, the stability is quite good, not easily deformed, cracked, make up for the lack of solid wood flooring in this area.

What is the difference between parquet and laminate flooring?

Strengths and weaknesses of laminate flooring:


Wear resistance: about 10 to 30 times more than ordinary painted floors.

Beautiful: The computer can simulate various wood patterns and colors.

Stability: thoroughly dispelled the structure of the original wood, destroyed the anisotropic and the characteristics of swelling and shrinking, the size is extremely stable, especially for the room heating system.

In addition, there are impact resistance, antistatic, pollution resistance, light resistance, resistance to cigarette burning, easy installation, and easy maintenance.


After the blisters are damaged, they cannot be repaired and the feeling of the feet is poor.

In particular, it should be pointed out that in the past, dealers have stated that laminate flooring is “waterproof flooring”. This is only for surface. In fact, the only thing to avoid in the use of reinforced laminate flooring is blisters.

There were no rigid standards in the parquet market that led to market confusion and the name was so bizarre that real wood flooring was fake and shoddy products. Therefore, in order to standardize the solid wood composite flooring market, the interests of consumers were protected from the sea. In the past year, the country The authoritative report on the introduction of solid wood flooring standardizes the solid wood composite flooring market.

What is the difference between parquet and laminate flooring?

Solid wood composite flooring GB is GB/T15306-2001. The standard was implemented on May 1, 2002, and the original 94 standard was replaced at the same time. The new national standard has made important changes and additions to the old national standard. Mainly to modify the content of some dimensions and defects, supplement the specifications of the applicable tree species and the requirements for the paint board. At the same time, the requirements on the impact toughness and wear resistance of wood have been eliminated.

Solid wood composite flooring GB solid wood flooring The main tree species Solid wood composite flooring due to the different materials, its hardness, natural color and texture differences are also larger. Solid wood composite flooring is a floor decoration material that is formed after wood is dried and processed. Solid wood flooring has natural patterns, comfortable foot feeling and safe use. It is an ideal material for the floor decoration of bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms.

The solid wood flooring of the solid wood composite flooring is back to natural, with a natural texture, and the decline in the forest coverage, and the promotion of environmental protection. Today, solid wood flooring is even more precious. Solid wood flooring is divided into three grades: AA grade, A grade, and B grade, and AA grade has the highest quality.

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