What are the advantages of smart fingerprint password lock?

Smart fingerprint password lock has been recognized by the majority of users, and is currently the highest penetration rate in the type of smart lock, then what advantages of smart fingerprint password lock will enter the majority of consumer families? The following Xiaobian summarizes a few point.

Smart fingerprint password lock advantages

1. æ’¬ Alarm function: A strong alarm sound can attract people's attention and effectively prevent illegal activities of thieves. For more complex users in the middle environment, this function is more useful.


2. Remote unlock: further enhance the intelligence of fingerprint lock. When parents or relatives and friends visit, when they are not at home, you can use this function to remotely lock the door and let them enter the door.

3, button remote unlock: smarter, more able to meet the needs of different groups of people.

4, fingerprint lock security: ordinary mechanical lock keys can be copied, others do not trust the owner, and the fingerprint lock is unique, the world does not have two identical fingerprints.

5, fingerprint lock convenience: do not have to carry the key, but also the key is never lost, a person's fingerprint life is unchanged, one input fingerprint, can be used for life. And one can input fingerprints of different fingers.


6, fingerprint lock scalability: can enter the fingerprint, delete the fingerprint, fingerprint management is very convenient, compared with the universal mechanical lock saves the key to the preparation of the key and the recovery of the key, especially for office space and rental rooms.

7, fingerprint lock fashion: fingerprint technology is the direction of lock development, the use of fingerprint locks represents fashion, noble, luxury. Fashion design and generous.

The above seven advantages have attracted the attention of customers, and it is not surprising that smart fingerprint locks bring intelligent unlocking methods to users.

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