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What is WeChat distribution platform?
The WeChat distribution platform is a distribution platform that helps companies and individual WeChat merchants quickly open on WeChat, recruit distributors, and sell goods quickly. Through the creation of a micro mall, with the four major functional modules of suppliers, agents, distributors, marketing applications, etc., a WeChat distribution platform has the ability of industrial integration, can bring forth unlimited possibilities. Haisheng Technology's WeChat distribution platform is a true WeChat distribution platform that helps you sell goods quickly from upstream to downstream, online and offline, by quickly building a micro mall, recruiting a large number of distributors, connecting suppliers and agents Achieve doubled performance.
[Manager Guo: 189 micro 9846, electricity 8557]
Five secrets of WeChat mall success: WeChat mall, suppliers, agents, distributors, marketing tools
One of WeChat distribution platforms: WeChat Mall
Micro mall B2C direct sales model
â‘  Massive beautiful templates
Multiple sets of industry-selected templates, visual module operation
â‘¡ Data Cube
Data comprehensively monitors the health status of the WeChat mall system
â‘¢ Docking channels
Seamless integration with WeChat and Alipay social platforms
WeChat distribution platform 2: Supplier
Suppliers open up the upstream and downstream supply chain
â‘  Wide source of goods
Become a supplier in a variety of ways, easy access to quality resources
â‘¡ Intelligent settlement
Smart settlement, timely arrival
â‘¢ Put on shelf and deliver
Put it on the shelf for one-hand control of listing, shipping, and product information
WeChat distribution platform 3: Agents
Agents quickly open up offline agent channels
â‘  Fast mass shipment
Guarantee the return of goods and guarantee the shipment
â‘¡ Realize vertical business model
Help merchants realize the disposal model and increase the distribution chain
â‘¢ Capacity and profit balance
Team leadership competition mechanism, ability and profit balance
WeChat Distribution Platform 4: Distributors
Distributors build the strongest micro distribution team
â‘  National distribution
One-click application for distribution, automatically become a distributor
â‘¡ Multi-level sub-commission
Novel distribution model to build the strongest micro distribution team
â‘¢ Sales ranking
Distributor business level is unobstructed
The fifth of WeChat distribution platform: marketing application
Marketing application fission type *, creating explosive products
â‘  Scene marketing
According to the needs of visual drag and drop production, precision marketing
â‘¡ Wide industry coverage
WeChat marketing solutions for multiple industries
â‘¢ Multi-channel promotion
WeChat, Alipay channels, directly display the contents of the mall products
Micro-shop construction and development customized consulting exchange [Manager Guo: 189 micro 9846, electric 8557]

Product Name
stainless steel metal legs for sale
Item number
Hairline Polish
201 Stainless steel
Place of Product
Guangdong Province,China
Use for
dining room, restaurant, coffee room, bar,  home ect
Modes of packing
Packed in carton
1) Base 201 S.S 740X500MM Surface,Cast Iron internal, Hairline Polish 2) Cast iron top cross:450X450 mm, powder coating in Black
3) 201 S.S coloumn: D76X1.2MM,Hairline polish
After sale service
3 years for antique design industrial metal oval stainless steel metal legs for sale

Stainless Steel Table Base

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