[tips] What is glove yarn? Glove yarn characteristics

What is glove yarn? Most yarns used in gloves are recycled yarns. That is to say, the yarns produced by the reprocessed fiber materials obtained by using certain scraps or waste yarns produced in the production processes of spinning, weaving, and garment processing are used. The fiber has the same properties or structure as a natural fiber or a chemical fiber.


Glove yarn characteristics and requirements: 1, high fracture strength, generally more than 40% higher than the same specifications of the cotton thread;

2, good wear resistance, generally 1 times higher than the same specifications of the cotton thread;

3, the shrinkage rate is small, the shrinkage rate is only about 0.5%, suitable for sewing synthetic fabrics and anti-crease high-grade cotton fabric, pin flat;

4, good heat resistance, can be used for high-speed sewing machine 3000-4000r/min, ironing temperature around 160 °C;

5, good flexibility and elasticity, suitable for sewing high-grade synthetic fabrics.

Common gloves yarn raw materials classification:

Yarn gloves are a kind of labor protection gloves commonly used in the market. The main raw material of this glove is cotton yarn, followed by wool yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, acrylic yarn, etc. The special function is the steel wire.

1. The raw materials of gloves are cotton yarns. The processing products such as: cotton yarn gloves, cotton thread gloves, yarn gloves, yarn gloves, cotton thread gloves, polyester cotton yarn gloves, recycled cotton yarn gloves, and lamp shade cotton gloves are mainly used for labor work. Hand protection, as well as people's life gloves and ceremonial gloves, for which there are related names: labor insurance gloves, work gloves, temperature-resistant gloves, life gloves.

2, the raw material of the gloves is wool, which is the wool gloves worn by people in daily life. The function is to keep warm.

3, gloves raw materials are polyester thread, nylon thread, acrylic thread. Its processing products such as: acrylic thread gloves, polyester thread gloves, nylon thread gloves, this glove is characterized by strong and durable, the disadvantage is that the gloves have no anti-skid function, which generally does not circulate the use of this product.

4, gloves, raw materials are steel wire, such as: cut-proof gloves.

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