Tianjin rural solar street light 5 meters 20 watts 6 meters 30 watts full price

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Tianjin Rural Solar Street Light Features:

Tianjin rural solar street light intelligent control, constant current drive, power can be intelligently adjusted as needed.

Tianjin rural solar street light has no bad glare and light pollution: LED light source irradiation angle can be designed according to need, which can greatly reduce glare and light pollution, and can greatly improve the effective utilization of light.

Tianjin rural solar street light LED light source is a cold light source, when the heat is good, its operating temperature is lower than 60 °C. It does not cause blackening of the lamp shade due to high-pressure adsorption dust like ordinary street lamps, which is safe and reliable. Start without delay. The power is up to normal brightness without waiting, solving the problem of long startup time and repeated start-up of traditional street lamps.

No flash frequency. Pure DC work, the visual fatigue caused by the traditional street lights flash.

Comparison of energy saving effect of solar energy street lamps in Tianjin

The 6-meter solar street light and sodium lamp in Tianjin rural area are operated for 12 hours per day. The normal working period is 5 years. The energy-saving comparison is as follows:

From the energy consumption in 5 years: Light source 250W traditional sodium lamp, when starting a large current impact processing, each time the rectifier string, ancient line, change the loss meter 15%, light for 12 hours a day, then the actual daily consumption Electricity 3.45KWh, 66盏 sodium lamp consumes 415,600KWh in five years; and Tianjin LED solar street lamp uses solar energy, does not consume any electricity, and solar energy is an “inexhaustible” New energy can save energy.

From the perspective of paying electricity bills within 5 years: Sodium lamps are calculated at 0.8 yuan per kilowatt-hour, which is 332,500 yuan in five years. Tianjin rural solar street lamps use solar energy, which does not require any power consumption or pay any electricity bill.

From the maintenance cost of 5 years: traditional sodium lamp, to change the secondary light source, each lamp for the secondary light source is 100 yuan, 66 to 6600, timers, fuses, electronic starters, rectifiers and other components every three Yearly replacement, the maintenance cost of each lamp is 200 yuan, the cost of 66 lamps is 13,200 yuan, and the maintenance cost of 66 sodium lamps is 5,800 yuan in 5 years; and Tianjin rural solar street lamps can realize intelligent dimming solutions, which can effectively The service life of the system is extended, and its service life is 6-8 years. There is no need to replace and maintain any components within 5 years.

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