Three anti-GPS positioning this aluminum wallet is worth having

[China Aluminum Network] as a must-have wallet for everyone, the material is nothing more than fabric and leather, even if the use of metal materials is only used as a decoration. Today I introduced a subversion of the traditional wallet, it is not only waterproof and dustproof shockproof, but also built-in GPS positioning chip, on the performance that is called an invincible, on the appearance is also very value, do not believe it quickly to see it!

三防+GPS定位 这款铝合金钱包值得拥有

The name of this wallet is called Minisafe. Unlike the traditional wallet, its shell is made of aluminum alloy material, with a three-dimensional scroll-type password lock, full of science and technology, full of industrial atmosphere, it is quite pull in front of everyone, of course, The more critical is: exceptionally strong and durable!

It is worth mentioning that the Minisafe has built-in GPS. If the wallet is lost or stolen, you can easily locate it to track down the wallet and reduce the loss in time. In addition, this wallet can also block RFID signals, can effectively prevent information leakage, and prevent cards and documents from being stolen. Such a super purse, which is also lever-sized, can accommodate 12 cards and 12 banknotes, enough for everyday use. How do you want to come?

三防+GPS定位 这款铝合金钱包值得拥有

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