The United Nations advocates eating more insects to alleviate food shortages: Addressing protein shortages

Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 16 news, recently, a UN report pointed out that increasing the proportion of insects in recipes will bring great benefits for human health, environmental protection and economic development. The report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations explained that many insects are "rich in protein and fat, and rich in calcium, iron and zinc."

In terms of environmental impact, insects need much smaller space than cows, sheep, and other livestock, which means fewer forests are cut down and other land reclamation activities; insects produce far less greenhouse gases. In addition, there are many insects that can feed on the waste and excrement of humans or other animals.

The report said: "Insects have high nutritional value, low greenhouse gas emissions, low demand for land, and high efficiency in food conversion. All this has enabled them to ensure food security and to resolve protein shortages. One of the programs."

In fact, people in many places have already listed insects as recipes, but they are still rare in Western countries. One of the major factors that hinder insects from becoming a global food is that the concept of “insectivores” has not yet been accepted by most people, and the insect-centered food industry has not yet been established. The report states: "In the Western world, consumer acceptance of insect food is related to food prices, perceived environmental benefits, and the development of the catering industry based on delicious insect-source protein products." (Ren Tian)

Standard function:

1.   Heat treated steel vertical  drill-resistant pins on both side of cylinder

2.   Mushroom counter pins resistant to attack.

5,6 rounded-head picking proof combination pins are available.

One side opened by key, one side is dead end.  

Optional function:

4.  Service key system: 1pcs, Once the owner's key be used, the  service key will be disabled.

5.  Stiffening device: Central breaking-proof, anti-snap, body reinforcement

6.  Owner card: As a indication of the key duplication and quality guarantee

7.   Master Key or Key Alike are available

8.   Finish:   01-Brass polished with varnish

                  02-Bright Nickel plated

                  03-Satin Nickel Plated

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