The trend of furniture "three products" is developing to keep up with the needs of the times

In recent years, with the continuous accumulation of enterprise development experience, the competition among furniture companies is not only in the price war, everyone is looking for breakthroughs, tapping and expanding the comprehensive strength of the brand, and entering the subdivision from all levels. Therefore, we find that the competition in the furniture industry is also changing. With the improvement of the external environment and the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the company, the furniture industry will usher in a higher level of development that focuses on product quality, functional taste and corporate brand. .
Style is more tasteful With the change of people's life concept and the improvement of living standards, the requirements for home life are becoming more and more tasteful. Different from the popular style of furniture that has a more prominent design sense in previous years, the functional style of the furniture itself has become the mainstream of the furniture market this year. In addition to the traditional inertia display of panel, mahogany and European furniture, this year's functional furniture occupies the mainstream display area of ​​furniture products. Such as MPE bed, using imported latex, emphasizing humanization and intelligence; Songbao Kingdom aircraft, ocean, truck, cosmic star and other children's suites, "learning step by step" chair lift, computer chair, etc., not only pay attention to health and environmental protection, but also Emphasizing the possibility of space expansion, freely adaptable and easy to take, these children's furniture will become higher and larger as the child grows older... These novel functional furniture styles are highly regarded. Recently, small-sized houses have become the preferred choice for many working-class people and young people, but this also prevents them from pursuing the taste of furniture. Multi-functional, small-sized, deformable small-sized furniture will follow.
The material is more quality. The market is highly competitive. There are many categories in the furniture industry, product homogeneity is becoming more and more obvious, and the competition mechanism is imperfect. This makes it necessary for enterprises to focus more on R&D, marketing and customer service. Under the support of a group of leading enterprises in the industry and the support of related supporting, the furniture industry is gradually moving towards the quality era, forming a unique competitiveness and influence.
Over the years, the popularity of furniture, in addition to style, there is another important aspect is the material. According to reports, although many people know that children's furniture is better than the plate type, they do not know that the single piece of solid wood furniture does not guarantee that the youth furniture is natural and pollution-free. First of all, the selection of solid wood furniture should be as far as possible in terms of material and craft production level. Secondly, the surface of solid wood furniture often needs to be painted to ensure the service life. Then the most environmentally friendly water-based varnish is particularly important. At present, there are many second- and third-line solid wood enterprises in the market, which are similar to the first-line brand products, but in the material and surface paint treatment. It’s all off. Furniture made of natural materials, such as furniture made of rattan and hemp, and new materials made of plant waste such as banana leaves are symbols of the era of furniture.
The whole brand is more brand-oriented. Some people say that the core of product marketing is brand, brand, and finally brand. What is the brand? Brand is a kind of power, brand is a kind of trust, brand is a kind of value, and brand is a concept.
How to open the market for high-quality products has become the most concerned issue for many companies and businesses. More and more home building materials companies are beginning to realize the importance of brand building. Many enterprises have greatly enhanced the brand and industry's popularity by increasing investment in brand building. The company has not only achieved development, but also led furniture and building materials to the brand era.

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