The machine tool will complete the research on the construction of China's equipment standard system (Phase I)

Abstract On December 25th, 2015, the China National Standardization Administration Committee, undertaken by China Machine Tool Industry Association, researched the "China Equipment" standard system (Phase I) - oriented...
On December 25, 2015, the China National Standardization Management Committee project undertaken by China Machine Tool Industry Association, "China Equipment" Standard System Construction Research (Phase I) - User-oriented CNC Machine Tool Industry Chain Integrated Integration Standard System Research" Beijing passed the acceptance test. The participating units include Beijing Beiyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Beijing No. 2 Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Pushkin Ningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Research Background
The current world manufacturing development model is undergoing profound changes. German Industry 4.0, US Industrial Internet, China Manufacturing 2025, etc., the common feature is that the equipment manufacturing industry is achieving high integration of automation, intelligence and information. Driven by this background, the machine tool industry is jointly exploring the modern enterprise management revolution that keeps pace with the times. With advanced manufacturing technology and information technology, innovation drive, transformation and upgrading are realized. Standardization, which plays an increasingly important role in safeguarding product quality and safety, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, improving economy and efficiency, and serving foreign trade, has received wide attention from the industry.
Judging from the increasing demand of China's economic and social development, the current standard system and standardized management system can no longer meet the needs of market economy development, and to a certain extent, restrict the improvement of standardization management efficiency, affecting the role of standardization and economic and social development of. Therefore, the National Standards Committee carried out the research on the construction of the "China Equipment" standard system (Phase I) in a timely manner - the research on the integrated integration standard system of the CNC machine tool industry chain for users.

Main tasks and objectives
Analyze the core concept of transforming manufacturing into intelligent in the development strategy of Industry 4.0. In response to the actual needs of key users for the intelligentization and integration of CNC machine tools, the research and pilot of the coordination system of the upstream and downstream standards of the CNC machine tool industry chain were carried out, and the rationalization proposal for establishing the relevant standard system was proposed.

research content
(1) Analyze the industrial manufacturing concept of Industry 4.0 and its application in the machine tool industry, and submit a research report;
(2) Conducting research on the adaptability and rationality of the machine tool industry standard system and relevant national professional standardization technical committees, proposing suggestions for improvement and improvement, and forming research reports;
(3) Select appropriate units, declare and carry out the “Standard Users + Main Manufacturers + Suppliers” of intelligent and composite CNC machine tools to effectively link the standardization pilots, sort out the existing standards and standards, and propose the standards for intelligent manufacturing processes. Rationalization of the system;
(4) Carry out research on the standard system of intelligent machine tools around the needs of users, and determine the implementation plan of the standard complex of gold cutting production line.

Suggested measures and recommendations
(1) Carry out standardization work and lead the healthy and orderly development of the machine tool industry: Facing the new situation, new opportunities and new challenges of intelligent manufacturing development, it is necessary to systematically sort out existing relevant standards and clarify the basis of intelligent manufacturing standardization needs and key areas. In the above, the establishment of intelligent manufacturing standards system and the complete set of intelligent manufacturing standardization work to lead the healthy and orderly development of the machine tool industry. Achieving intelligent manufacturing requires building a large and complex system that requires a consensus standard as a guarantee.
(2) Make full use of the state's support policy: develop group standards based on association standards, and give full play to the industry self-disciplinary coordination role of industry associations, safeguard the common interests of industry enterprises, and create a good competitive environment. This is an important measure for the reform and innovation of industry standardization work.
(3) Construction of standardization system to meet the needs of typical users: At present, the domestic inspection system for intelligent composite machine tools is still in the test of conventional precision and machining center performance, lacking related technologies such as flexible lines, industrial robots, intelligent control, online inspection and so on. standard. Therefore, from the perspective of the entire machine tool manufacturing industry chain, the construction of the "user + manufacturer + supplier" standardization system meets the needs of typical users, reflecting the development direction of the CNC machine tool intelligent and composite standard system.
(4) Highlight key points and gradually improve: Through the full investigation and research on the industrial chain of Jinchee machine tool production line, extensively collect opinions from relevant manufacturing units, user units and supporting suppliers, carry out research on intelligent machine tool standard system and analyze CNC machine tools around user needs. In the standard system framework in the intelligent production process, a step-by-step implementation plan for the gold-cut production line standard complex is proposed.

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