The correct use of torque wrench

The correct use of torque wrenches , as a quality supplier, Shanghai Yaye told everyone this information! After long-term use of the torque wrench, due to unsatisfactory working environment, dust, damp, etc. cause the internal parts of the torque wrench to accumulate. Frequent use of the torque wrench causes the internal parts to wear, causing the torque wrench to show unstable values. Therefore, regular maintenance of the torque wrench is helpful for the working state of the torque wrench.
In the torque wrench assembly, a large number of thread pairs are used to connect various components together. Therefore, improving the quality of torque has been increasingly valued by companies in the industry. There are many factors that affect the quality of the torque, such as: human factors, torque wrenches, coordination between parts, misalignment of torque assembly processes, fit between threads of bolts and nuts, contact forms of parts with nut surfaces, etc.
The following analysis focuses on how to properly use a torque wrench.
Human factors
"Quality is manufactured," so human factors are one of the most important factors. It includes the proficiency of the operator using a torque wrench and the method of applying the torque when assembling the parts.
1 Proficient in the use of torque wrenches means that the operator should correctly use the torque wrench to apply the torque according to “Torque Wrench Operation Specification” and “Standardization Worksheet” (according to the industry and actual conditions) to obtain qualified torque quality. The main manifestations of incorrect operation methods are as follows:
Incorrect operation of the torque wrench's main form of operation. No. Wrong operation Torque wrench form Actual torque result 1 Torque applied too quickly. Reliance on instantaneous impact force to achieve low 2 Torque wrench signal, continue to apply large force 3 Torque wrench does not Keep parallel to the nut face, it should not be more than ±15 Smaller 4 The operator's hand does not hold the effective line of the wrench handle
Torque wrench maintenance inspection:
1. Check whether the appearance is damaged, including whether the ratchet head and the driving square head are intact, whether the wrench shell is obviously deformed or broken, whether the window display is clear and whether the plastic parts are damaged;
2. Whether the torque value is adjustable, whether the locking device is effective, whether there is an acoustic alarm after setting the device, and whether the ratchet head slips;
3. Whether the surface has rust, oil and other substances that affect the appearance.
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