Suzhou·Meeting the new future

Suzhou·Meeting the new future
Fuyuan Furniture

For the Chinese furniture industry, the Internet has always been a product of “on the cloud”. Nowadays, with the continuous penetration and integration of the Internet era, many companies are also aware of the importance of the layout of the Internet!

Mr. Lin Youhui, Chairman of Fuyuan Furniture attended the event↑↑↑

However, for the entire system industry chain of the Internet, mutual support from colleagues is also needed. Therefore, platformization and systemization have become the unanimous approval of the industry. Red Star Meikailong stands at the forefront of the times and stands at the high point of the furniture channel to join hands with enterprises to create a new future.

Red Star Meikailong President Li Binwei

Wang Yanjun, Chief Operating Officer, Red Star Macalline New Retail Division

On March 8th, representatives of Jiangsu Furniture Brand Alliance and Red Star Macalline in Suzhou sparked against the “new gameplay” of the furniture Internet era. As a member of Supai Furniture, Fuyuan Furniture also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Red Star Macalline at the meeting. For the future “new retail”, Fuyuan Furniture gave a clear and firm idea: innovation, development, Aggressive.

Lin Youhui, Chairman of Fuyuan Furniture, signed an agreement with Wang Yanjun, Chief Operating Officer of Red Star Macalline New Retail Division

Lin Youhui, Chairman of Fuyuan Furniture, and Li Bin, President of Red Star Macalline

In the future, this is a new beginning, and the offline store has a double-line attack. For the future channel development, Fuyuan Furniture first uses the “cloud” series to take the first step in the product.

Quality, can withstand the test of time, the story of sometimes light in Wujinmu luster; strategically, this time with the red star Meikailong, in the most powerful signals to all those who love Fuyuan furniture, Fuyuan furniture has been Adhering to the times, in the highly competitive market, for the development of the brand.

Returning to the "cloud" with the wind, I look forward to the sound of the Fuyuan furniture line, the color on the cloud!

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