Spring of old furniture

Although the furniture has no life, it is always with us at home every day, but time is up, we always discard these old furniture without mercy.


Four years ago, even in ordinary people's homes, the living room used fine, but old-fashioned furniture. When the economy took off, people began to discard these old things. These sofa chairs with beautiful wood skeletons were so Abandoned on the street, the antique dowry box was abandoned, and the home was replaced with a brand new new-style home; some people started collecting these beautiful old things and renovating them with new vision. This is not a work of renovating antiques, but a creative The perspective gives a modern look to the old items.


One trend is that some people start collecting these old furniture and use their creations on old furniture. Another trend is that more people are looking for furniture that is old and retro.

Imitation of old work and painting is not a fake, fake. Mainly in the processing of the surface of the furniture surface, the coating is different from the requirements for the production of ordinary products. At present, furniture manufacturers use antique old crafts and paintings as surface coating processes. Compared with the ordinary painting, the antique old-fashioned craftsmanship of the furniture surface awakens the beautiful memory and releases the feelings of yearning for nature and returning to nature. Furniture has the closest relationship with people's daily life. The shape of the furniture, the color of the furniture, and even the furniture need to be treated with a series of damage and imprinting on the surface of the coating before painting. The color, uniformity, gloss and clarity of the painting are second. Degrees need to be treated specially.


The antique old furniture process is just a form of painting of the product. Both the producer and the customer know that this is an imitation. How to make the antique old craft more in line with market needs, everyone is working hard. The substrate processing method and the shape of the imprint are all developing, and the coloring process is also constantly innovating... How to make the furniture which has both practical value and ornamental value, and combine the antique old and the product style of the furniture surface. Get up, be old and not vulgar, there are new in the old, and you need to constantly explore.

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