Solid wood composite panel performance solid wood flooring

At present, a large number of furniture are made of composite board materials, and the composite board material is a combination of two or more different materials, which can effectively overcome many deficiencies of a single board, but also can greatly enhance its own carrying capacity. Ability, strength, enhance the performance of all aspects of the material. The following small series for everyone to introduce solid wood composite panel performance and parquet purchase.

Solid wood composite board performance

1. Decoration: Solid wood composite panels are made of precious natural wood, with unique colors and patterns, making the decorative properties of solid wood flooring more colorful, so that home improvement looks more beautiful.

2. Abrasion resistance: In order to make the wood texture on the solid wood composite board look more fresh, the paint will be used as the surface layer instead of the professional wear-resistant paper, so the wear resistance will be better, and the wear resistance is One of the most prominent properties of the reinforced composite board.

3, waterproof: solid wood composite board waterproof performance, in a short time is not affected by water immersion, it should be noted that you can not use electric oven drying or solar exposure of such methods, so easy to crack the wood composite panels.

4. Stability: Solid wood composite board is made of multi-layer veneer, which can ensure the flatness and stability of the floor.

5, practicality: solid wood composite board is better cleaning and care, installation is also more convenient, the surface of the color and texture is also the best decorative effect, environmental protection is one of the advantages of solid wood composite board, practicality is very strong.

Parquet flooring

1. Look at the product specifications. The thicker the surface layer of the solid wood flooring is, the better the wear resistance of the floor is, and the longer the service life is.

2, to see the accuracy, before buying it must first check whether the density between the two floors of the mosaic is tight, there is no significant difference in height, and the greatest advantage of solid wood flooring is high processing accuracy.

3, look at the surface paint film, wood parquet is usually a better use of advanced uv matte paint, this wear resistance will be better.

4, look at rubber, generally good quality parquet, are using a low formaldehyde content of rubber, so when purchasing it must see environmental indicators test report.

5, to see after-sales, consumers must ask after-sales, ask who is responsible for installation and after-sales service.

Editor's summary: About the performance of solid wood composite flooring and parquet purchase is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Solid wood flooring Solid wood composite flooring

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