Smart home system based on the realization of smart home control function

Smart home system based on the realization of smart home control function
The smart home system is based on a residential platform, home appliances and household appliances as the main control objects, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home-life-related facilities and build The efficient control system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs improves home intelligence, safety, convenience, and comfort, and realizes an environmentally friendly and energy-saving integrated smart home network control system platform. The smart home control system is the core of the smart home, and is the basis for the realization of smart home control functions.
Smart home system features:
1. The system structure is flexible. In general, the smart home control system is a combination of various subsystems through a network communication system. You can reduce or add subsystems as needed to meet your needs.
2, convenient operation and management. All devices controlled by the smart home can be operated by human-machine interfaces such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and touch screens, which are very convenient.
3, scene control features rich. Various control modes can be set, such as home mode, home mode, rain mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, etc., which greatly satisfy the quality of life requirements.
4, information resources sharing. Home temperature, humidity, and dryness can be posted on the Internet to form an entire regional environmental monitoring point, which provides effective and valuable information for environmental monitoring.
5, easy installation and debugging. Plug and play, especially in a wireless manner, can quickly deploy the system.

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