New lithium garnet battery is not easy to catch fire

New lithium garnet battery is not easy to catch fire

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology announced that they successfully developed a new type of solid-state battery that can operate at higher temperatures and improve the safety of lithium batteries compared to the old lithium-ion batteries. This new battery does not use liquid or gel-type electrolytes, relying on porous substances to allow the charge to transfer between the positive and negative electrodes.

This solid porous material consists of a mixture of lithium ions and garnets to replace lithium-based salts and organic solvents in common lithium-ion batteries. Many reports have shown that these liquid and gel materials in traditional lithium-ion batteries will expand as the temperature rises, and then explode or catch fire.

The researchers stated that the new solid-state compound has the highest known conductivity of lithium ions, and during thermal charging and discharging, any thermal expansion provides space through its pores. In this way, the battery can work at higher temperatures. The researchers said that the new lithium battery has an optimal working temperature of more than 95 degrees Celsius, but it can also work at room temperature.

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