Leather sofa best cushion choice leather sofa cushion purchase skills

Dirt leather sofa is the choice of many families sofas, leather sofas but also easily damaged, peeling off skin abrasion or wear thin, there is no original sofa glamorous, and also very easy to not be used, so people used sofa cushion To protect the most vulnerable places, but there are many types of leather sofas, the choice of cushions should also match the sofa, so the following small series teaches you the best cushion choice for leather sofas, as well as the purchasing skills of leather sofa cushions.

皮沙发最佳坐垫选择 皮沙发坐垫的选购技巧

Leather sofa cushion selection

It is better to look at the leather sofa cushion from the match. We all know that the leather sofa looks neat and tidy, so in fact, the fabric is not suitable for leather sofas. First, it is not anti-slip. Second, the leather sofa will lose its elegant temperament as a whole, and it will look like it has no features. In fact, the choice of fiber is not bad, but only suitable for summer. In winter, the choice of plush is also quite good.

What kind of leather sofa cushion is good from the material of the sofa cushion. To say the material of the sofa cushion, cotton is better, the sofa cushion made of cotton fabric feels good, it is not easy to pilling, and it is more comfortable to sit on. Cotton fabric is suitable for winter use and is more comfortable. The price is also cheaper than the plush, the price is still very high.

Secondly, the mat cushion is also very good, the ice is not cool, the sweat is breathable, the craft is fine, the toughness is good, the break is not easy, the price is affordable, the bottom is non-slip gauze, the anti-slip effect is good, and the order is easy and the price is affordable.

In fact, the most important choice of leather sofa cushion is based on their personal preferences, life is their own, as long as comfortable, I like it, how to mix it with how to match.

皮沙发最佳坐垫选择 皮沙发坐垫的选购技巧

Leather sofa cushion purchase skills

The choice of leather sofa cushion should first consider the quality problem. The sofa cushion with better quality is independent spring and is not easy to be deformed. After sitting down, the sofa cushion is preferably about 10 cm indentation, so that it does not affect the depression of the sofa.

When choosing a leather sofa cushion, it is best not to choose a fabric that is too absorbent. Flax and polyester are relatively easy to occupy the ash. It is best to choose a cushion fabric that feels better.

When choosing a cushion for a leather sofa, it is best to choose a slightly thicker sofa cushion. The leather sofa is relatively slippery, so that the seat cushion often slips off and is not very comfortable. In summer, it can be laid into a cool cushion.

皮沙发最佳坐垫选择 皮沙发坐垫的选购技巧

The relevant content of the above leather sofa cushion cover will be introduced to this first, I hope to help you, more information, all in GO Jiaju

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