Kitchen and ceiling decoration costs how to calculate

Kitchen ceiling price calculations are based on the materials selected for the renovation plus integrated appliances plus edge fittings plus keel cranes plus man-hours. What is the detailed price of each part? What is the kitchen ceiling price ? The following Xiao Bian take you to see!

Plates + art flowers - ceiling buckle plate according to the different materials and processing prices vary. Art flowers are the highlights. When choosing, we must pay more attention to the artistic effect in addition to the price. Price 30-300 yuan / piece.

Spraying board: It is a type of paint that is directly sprayed on the metal sheet through a spray gun and is naturally air-dried. The environmental protection and durability are relatively poor. The price is also between 60 and 90 yuan. The general business will confuse the audio and video as a roller coating. Board to sell.

Roll-coating: Through the high-performance roll coating process, the precision and flatness of the plate can be controlled more effectively, and the unevenness and wrinkles caused by the traditional process can be successfully eliminated. There are also certain differences in quality depending on the different coating and roll coating methods used. . A good roll-coating price generally ranges from 160-300 yuan.

Ordinary film-covered board: The ordinary film-covered board adopts a thick layer with poor stability, and is formed by bonding with non-environmentally friendly glue. It takes a long time to change color and blisters. See smoke easily yellow. The price is about 60-90 yuan more than that of the painted board.

LG Coated Board: LG film layer, with joint venture film and imported film points (a layer of protective film commonly used on the outer surface of high-end white goods, such as Siemens high-end refrigerator series) after 400 degrees high temperature compression, surface film thickness It is 0.13mm. LG High Gloss Film is rich in flexibility and gloss as well as color diversity, completely changing the single cold hues of metal ceilings; LG Film is currently the world's leading new green product.

It has excellent durability (weatherability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-pollution capability, non-toxic, non-pollution, UV protection and many other superior properties, and it has a wide range of applications, fully meet people's aspiration for green, advocating environmental protection, Pursuit of fashion concept. The price is relatively high. 120-400 yuan or so.

Integrated appliances: At present, the ceiling merchants are equipped with integrated appliances. The overall installation and installation of the integrated lines are sleek and beautiful. It is now the trend of home improvement. However, at present, the quality of plates and electrical appliances in the ceiling brand is not too strong. When choosing a product, pay attention to his certificate of honor and the internal structure of the appliance and the materials used. Prices vary by brand and material.

Sidebars: Many consumers will mistakenly believe that it is an attachment and the price is included in the buckle. In actual fact, the regular manufacturers are made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, the price will naturally not be low, the general price is generally about 15-20 yuan / meter, high-end modeling bar 30-180 yuan / meter range.

Keel Hangers: These are all accessories for ceilings. The prices are basically included in the gussets and are not billed separately. However, many businesses will use their hands and feet to reduce costs, and they must pay more attention when buying.

The relevant information on how to calculate the kitchen ceiling decoration costs was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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