[Integrated] They wear masks to fly to waste incineration power plants to find out

[Introduction] What is a waste incineration power plant? "Stinking and smelling"? Is the discharged gas highly toxic? If you look at this story, you will understand: Villagers near a group of villages who are going to build factories will wear masks to the waste-burning power plant to prick “find crickets”. As a result, they will visit all the way (masks) all the way. When they come, they will look “serious”. When I talked and laughed, I even praised the people at the factory for making it beautiful... I didn't have to say anything.

Visitors to “find the cricket”, one by one to take off the mask...

This factory uses facts to make the doubter understand that: waste incineration power plant "built"

Starting: Xinhua Daily Telegraph on June 29

Author: Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xierui Jia, Xie Jiao

"Wow, another call!" After lunch, there was no rest. Comrades from Chengdu Xiangfu Garbage Incineration Power Plant Management Department also went to "combat" to prepare for another reception.

Garbage classification is one of the six practical issues that General Secretary Xi Jinping deployed at the 14th meeting of the Central Financial Leadership Group at the end of last year.

"In the first quarter of this year, 86 batches and 2337 people were received, and it was fast to catch up with the previous year." With the increasing emphasis on the harmless treatment of garbage, Zhang Yan, Director of the Integrated Management Department, suddenly felt more busy than before. More often, "sometimes a day to visit several dial. You see, behind are full." She pulled out the visit schedule of the mobile phone to reporters to see.

The bus enters the gate and can see the people on the car wearing masks.

As a relatively advanced garden-type waste incineration power plant in China, Xiangfu Power Plant is a science popularization base, and many people come here.

However, Zhang Yan knows that visitors in the afternoon are a bit special. Many of them are dedicated to “finding blah blah blah.” They want to “pronit” and “pro-nose” to prove that the garbage is burnt and “dirty” and “stunning”. Waste incineration power plants "can't be built."

The villagers who came to visit just got off the car and immediately put on masks.

wear mask

Afternoon in the afternoon, a sunny day, a bus slowly into the power plant gate. Through the windows, several "masks" in the front rows are prominent.

The bus stopped in front of a beautiful blue-green painted main building, and a group of people came down one after another with serious expressions.

Girls, boys, aunts, uncles, and grandfathers... There are more than 30 people on the bus. About one-third of them “armed” their masks. Some of them got off and looked at it and hesitated.—In fact, the factory area Vegetation is lush green, all kinds of flowers are blooming, there is no smell.

"Everything. When I first arrived, I had prejudices and I was afraid that I would be suffocated. I would pick them up slowly." Zhang Yan, an experienced receptionist, is well-armed.

Get off the villagers wearing masks.

The visitors of this vehicle are villagers in Zhangbu Village, Zhangbu Town, Gaoling District, Xi'an, and they are preparing to build a waste incineration power plant near the village.

As a result of the well-known “neighborhood effect”, this garbage incineration project triggered an “aggregation event” after it was announced in September last year. In October, the Gaoling district committee and district government issued a “notification”, announcing that “the masses do not agree not to start the project, and the statutory formalities of the project are not complete without construction”.

According to local media, Xi'an “had a big morning and had a late set” to build a waste incineration power plant. Planning began in 1998, but nearly 20 years have passed and now even the address has not been determined, let alone build a factory.

The contradiction between garbage and siege has become more and more prominent. It can be said that the eyebrows have been burned.

At the beginning, several villagers wore masks to listen to lectures.

At present, most waste incineration plants are located in developed countries and regions. As waste disposal methods are harmless, reduced, and resource-recycling, the industry believes that waste incineration and power generation are the best choices.

However, we must have a good "can" for the people.

The local government decided to use “facts” to make the citizens feel that they “have” – from the end of last year, they organized groups of people and agencies and officials to visit Chengdu, Hefei, Qinhuangdao and other places to visit the waste incineration power plant.

These villagers in Zhangbu Village were among the more than 1,000 people and more than 30 batches visited by Chengdu Xiangfu Power Plant.

An "interesting" phenomenon is that the villagers all come by plane, and government agencies can only take trains.

Today, He Yong, general manager assistant of the power plant, personally put on a hard hat and gave the villagers a “guide.” In the words of Zhang Yan, “He Assistant has more than 10 years of experience in the operation of waste power plants and is very patient and patient. He explained the most appropriate to the villagers.”

Assistant He patiently explained to the villagers.


“The building where we are currently is both an office area and a production area. The garbage warehouse, waste incinerators, and power plants are all in the same building. But everyone can feel that we have no taste here.” He Yongxian led the way. The villagers went to the environmental protection exhibition hall on the first floor of the main building to view models and videos and intuitively understand the layout and work flow of the waste incineration power plant.

They wear masks and fly to waste incineration power plants

Xiangfu waste incineration power plant process.

The showroom is clean and bright. Listening to He Yong's explanation, he probably felt that the exhibition hall was not “smell and smelly,” and that he really had no smell. A woman who had just got off her face and put on a mask secretly took off her mask and hung it on her hands.

Some villagers began to remove the mask.

"Is the gas discharged from this chimney toxic?" "How does the sewage be treated?" ... In the eyes of the villagers still suspicious, He Yong continued to explain.

Suddenly, there was a small disturbance in the crowd. "Dizzy!" said an old man. The receptionist was tense, sucked and asked each other: "Is there taste?" "No. It's been a good job recently!" Say.

The crowd laughed and the reception staff was relieved. Arrangements were made to bring the old man to the garden of the plant.

Xiangfu waste incineration power plant's garden-like factory area.

No, these villagers were taken from the town's director Wang with a flight in the morning and took a plane for nearly two hours. Then they turned to the bus and went all the way. The old man was sixty or seventy years old, and it was normal for tired motion sickness.

A false alarm!

Garden style factory area.

After reading the model and video, He Yong began to visit the factory site.

“How far is the power plant from the residential area?” “Does people live around you?” ... While on the way to the garbage control room on the 5th floor, the villagers continued to perform “Qin Qiang” whispering questions to Ho Yong.

“Everyone looked, just now you entered the left side of the factory gate and there was a small garden on the roof. This is our staff quarters. We usually stay here after working. If we have problems with the air, do we dare to live?” The 5th floor is long The glass corridor is elevated and facing the front yard of the factory, with a panoramic view of the nearby scene. He Yong pointed to the various facilities below and asked questions for everyone.

Xiangfu garbage incineration power plant overlooking.

“The open space across the road is an industrial park. In the future, we will build a factory. A little further west will be five or six hundred meters away from here. There are many companies, there are villages nearby, and there are schools.”


“I didn't expect it to be beautiful here.” An aunt looked out of the window in a garden-like factory and secretly removed the mask and stuffed it into the sunhat on her hand.

Masks, one less.

After watching the garden-like factory area, the villagers are taking off masks.

Everyone listened to the lecture and continued to go forward. “This is so high!” “This paw is really big!” When he walked into the trash control room, the villagers were immediately attracted to the camera.

The translucent hoist control room, which resembles the cockpit, hangs over a huge garbage pool and drops nearly 30 meters from the bottom of the garbage pool. It can store 20,000 to 30,000 tons of garbage.

Grab about 10 tons.

Two operators are focusing on moving the poles, “guiding” the two giant steel claws across the glass, grabbing rubbish like a ride “doll machine”, and “feeding” to the incinerator. The scene is like a space in a science fiction movie. world. “This one can grab 10 tons of garbage,” explains HE Yong. “Our factory can burn 1800 tons of garbage every day and can eat about 14% of the garbage in Chengdu.”

Although the outside is filled with garbage, except for a slightly higher temperature in the control room, it does not smell the "odor" of the project.

Xiangfu waste incinerator power plant employees are operating a large grab.

"The garbage warehouse is strictly sealed. There is a negative pressure ventilation at the top. The waste odor will not come out." He Yong continued to "populate science" for everyone.

"Nothing really smells like that!" In the Duan Control Room, an uncle took a sniffing nose seriously and "masked" to tear off the mask. "Seek truth from facts, no need to wear!"

Xiangfu waste incineration power plant central control room large screen.

After seeing the shocking garbage hoist control room, everyone turned back to the central control room on the second floor. “Here 24 hours monitoring, any small changes can not escape the eyes of the staff.” He Yong pointing to a huge screen in the hall to the villagers. On the big screen, the incinerators, hoppers, slag pits, etc... The monitoring images and various data of the waste incineration power generation are displayed in real time at a glance. It can be clearly seen that the incinerator is jumping with a red flame.

“One of the characteristics of our factory is that the work area and the plant area are in the same building. The production area is on the other side of the wall.” He Yongbian said, leading everyone through a small door in the central control room. It read "Incineration Room".

The central control room passes through this small door, which is the incinerator in the production area.

“I think it's very dirty. I think it's cleaner than at home.” The villagers looked a bit surprised when they saw the incinerator was clean. Through the glass, various devices are displayed in front of them, and the thick pipes are tightly wrapped. Everyone once again took out the mobile phone shooting.

“The temperature of our incinerator's outlet is generally around 1000°C, far exceeding the requirement of 850°C. All toxic substances are basically burned. Dioxin emissions completely comply with national standards and meet EU standards,” said He Yong.

According to reports, a 200,000-ton garbage incineration power plant in Copenhagen is built near the Royal Palace.

“What are those dark things?” Seeing the black slag coming out of one by one into the tunnel, the villagers have new problems. “This is the slag after the garbage is burned,” said He Yong. “The slag, which accounts for 20% of the total amount of garbage, can be used as building materials and can be paved. It is very popular. Everyone sees that the car at the end of the tunnel is to pull slag. ”

Xiangfu waste incineration power plant collects ash.

"More than 70% was burned, and about 3% of the fly ash was left in the big funnel. The purified flue gas was finally discharged from the chimney. So you couldn't smell bad." He Yong continued. Explain the "odor" problem that people are most concerned about.

The reporter saw that another woman had taken her mask and quietly squeezed it in her hand.

Another villager took off his mask (second from left, holding it in his hand). During the visit to the incinerator, several villagers took off their masks.

“In the end, only 3% of fly ash is not available and it needs to be buried. Therefore, burning power generation is very good for the relief of garbage siege.” He Yong did not miss any chance of “science popularization” and said while walking and led everyone to wear it again. Pass a door and enter the power plant. "The heat generated by waste incineration produces steam through the waste heat boiler. Steam drives the steam turbine and it can generate electricity."

“The waste disposal and the office area are together. To pollute it also pollutes us first.” After visiting the generator set, He Yong and the staff led everyone to return to the work area conference room separated by a wall.

In the conference room, the only woman wearing a mask took a “opportunity” to drink water to mask it off.

Drinking water and paper towels were placed on the conference table. The villagers sat together and drank water to rest. The atmosphere was quite relaxed. As for masks, there was a woman in red clothes who insisted, but when they drank water, they “faded” to fade away. Down.

At present, none of the villagers wear masks.

"What questions do you have, even if you continue to ask." He Yong is really super patience. In fact, during the visit, everyone basically asked questions, and questions such as “How much compensation can we get” and “The government does not arrange for employment” do not fall within the scope of what the supporters can answer.

"I think the mosquitoes and flies are flying all over the sky. If they are like this, I think I can." The reporter asked the feeling of a villager after the visit, the white-haired man nodded.

“We are a few years ago in the process, according to the current standards, technical design to build, your side of the factory will be more advanced and more beautiful and harmless.” He Yong said with certainty.

Comparison of landfill leachate before and after treatment.


“I’ll take everyone to see the treatment of the garbage.” He Yong sees that everyone is getting a little rested, and there are no new problems. I would like to take everyone to continue the visit.

“Not to go, not to go.” Several elderly people do not want to move. They seem to have convinced themselves that if they look at it again, they will not see it. Some of them continued to drink water and some simply ran to the green area outside the building to smoke.

In the garden-like factory area of ​​the Xiangfu Garbage-fired Power Plant, no dust can be seen on the leaves of plants under the chimney.

The garbage excretion treatment plant is behind the main building. On the way, a villager ran to the bushes, squeezed the leaves and carefully "researched" them. "What did you find?" the reporter asked curiously. "Nothing, very clean." The original is to see if the leaves have fallen.

After the garbage excretion treatment sewage discharge port, there are cameras watching. (top left of figure)

The sewage outlet has a camera and is monitored 24 hours a day. The water looks like tap water, and there is no smell around. "It looks very clean, but it can't be drunk!" said He Zhishi, "It's just water. It can't meet drinking standards, but it won't pollute the environment."

“Garbage and rubbish, but there is no taste, but there is really no smell!” Looking at the last part of the sewage treatment, the villagers’ expressions are more relaxed. Unknowingly, they thought they were a group of ordinary tourists.

In fact, it is not a tasting thing. In places where garbage trucks enter the factory, some vehicles that transport rubbish can't be completely sealed, or they will drip and exude liquid at the gate of the factory and sometimes produce odors. However, this is not a problem of waste incineration but a problem in the transport sector. "The government is also actively addressing this issue. After upgrading the trucks and strengthening management, it should be possible to solve them." Su Zhigang, general manager of Xiangfu Power Plant, frankly stated.

After the visit, everyone took pictures and no masks.

More than two hours of visits passed quickly. "Everyone has a shadow, it's rare to come." Before returning to the main building, there was a villager's proposal.

“What can be achieved?!” Not all people are satisfied with the visit. Even though they are seeing the truth, some villagers did not turn around for a moment. “There is a reservation.”

After the photo was taken, the last villager was happy to set foot on the return bus.

In the end, about two-thirds of the villagers laughed in front of the beautiful main building.

When the passengers left the car, the women in red clothes who had just drunk the mask to wear masks insisted on wearing masks. Most masks have been thrown into the trash by fellow villagers.

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