How to maintain and clean the bathroom bath

Many families now use Chuchu Yuba products when they are installed in the bathroom. However, many people do not understand the routine maintenance of Chuchu Yuba. How do you care for it? Today to teach everyone how to care for Chu Chu Yuba .

Although many families now install and use Chuchu Yuba products in the bathroom, generally no one will perform routine maintenance on Chuchu Yuba. In fact, regular maintenance of Chuchu Yuba is still necessary. The method of maintaining Chuchu Yuba is actually very simple, and once every 30 days or so, it will ensure the safety and use of Chuchu Yuba. So, how to maintain the beauty of Yuba? How to care for Chuchu Yuba?

In the first step, the user uses the Chu Yuba for a long time and the switch panel is stained. When cleaning these stains, the power supply (zero line and phase line) should be cut off first, and when the power is not confirmed, we take the bulb one by one. Wipe it with a rag with a small amount of neutral detergent. After the stain is wiped off, wipe it dry with a clean dry cloth.

The second step, picking the pull spring, is to have four springs on the four corners of the box. We must take it off. And use a neutral disinfectant or cleaning agent to wipe the surface of the Chu Yuba and the surface of the bulb. These are wiped off and the inside of the chassis is cleaned. Although the chassis is fixed on the roof, we guarantee The service life of Chu Yuba is still to be thoroughly cleaned.

In the third step, when cleaning masks, warm lights or lights, after confirming that the power is turned off, remove the warm light, lights, and masks one by one. Wipe the wipes with a small amount of neutral detergent to wipe off the stains. Afterwards, wipe with a clean dry cloth, and after wiping clean the lamp body and the surface of the mask, do not expose to sunlight or baking, and then install it. Such cleaning can not only extend the service life of Chuchu Yuba, but also benefit health.

The top temperature of Chuchu Yuba is generally not high, which is almost the same as room temperature. Because Chuchu Yuba relies on heating lamps to heat up, converting light energy into heat energy. The light is downward and does not affect the top.

Cleaning steps:

1. Confirm that Chuchu Yuba has been shut down and completely cooled;

2. Remove the bulb;

3, use warm water with a soft cloth to thoroughly clean the lamp;

4, if there is a stubborn stain on the lamp head, you can use a neutral detergent to clean;

5. Choose a stable ladder or chair;

6, standing on the chair to clean the outside of the Chu Chu Yuba;

7. Use clean water to completely remove the cleaners attached to the bulb and body;

8, to ensure that Chuchu Yuba has been clean, dry and re-install the bulb in place;

9, open Chu Chu Yuba check whether the various functions can be normal operation;

10, close the bathroom tyrant to ensure that the bathroom air is relatively dry and has a certain degree of mobility.

The relevant information about Chuchu Yuba was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Yuba ten brands bathroom bathroom ceiling

Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Huaxin power
Key word:
Compact Busbar Trunking
Current Rating:
200 A to 6300 A
System Voltage:
AC380V/690 V
Compact Busbar trunking
compact busbar trunking
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Compact busbar trunking: 
standard export packaging or customized packaging
Delivery Detail:
2-3 weeks
Compact Busbar Trunking
1. Current rating: 200 A to 6300 A
2. Ingress protection of IP54 & IP65
3. Excellent short circuit ratings [upto 100KA]
4. Standard lengths of 4m / 3m / 2m / 1m
5. System voltage: AC380V/690 V
6. Conductor material: high conductivity copper bar
7. Halogen free, fire retardant Class-H-Epoxy insulation
8. Tap - off units are suitable for MCCBs or SDFs or MCBs
9. Configuration of 3P3W / 3P4W / 3P5W with or without integral earth
10. Flexible system direction to meet cross arrangement
11. It can be re-used after disassemble.
Competitive Advantage
1 Well and High Quality Control
2 Prompt Delivery
3 Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome
4 Competitive Prices
5 Small Order Acceptable
6 Packaging detail: standard export packaging or customized packaging
XLV series busway trunking system is advanced and energy-saving type developed by ZHENDA. It adopts British Henrob and Germany EPRESS self-piercing riveting technology, and the overall structure of enclosure are riveted together automatically, ensuring high degree of automation. The use of hydraulic pressure makes the overall strength of busway being substantially enhanced, and has a good sealing effect and anti-seepage feature.
Besides above, it has features below:
1. Flexible system direction to meet cross arrangement
2. Space saving
3. Can be re-using after disassembled.
4. High short-circuit strength and protection degree.
5. Both nut tightening and self-piercing riveting technology are available.
6. It adopts floor plates to double the heat dispersion.
7. Compact construction, good heat dispersion, low impedance, reliable and easy to installation and maintenance.
Technical Parameters
Rated current(A) 250 400 630 800 1000 1250 1350 1600 2000 2300 2500 3150 3800 4000 4500 5000
Rated voltage AC380/690V  
Rated insulated voltage 660-1000V  
Rated frequency 50/60Hz  
Rated short-time withstand current  
Overvoltage category/Pollution degree  
Protection degree IP40,IP54,IP65  
Weight(kg/m) 9 11.5 12.5 15 18 23 25 32 40 48 55 69 83 90 102 116
Impedance of relative neutral line at temperature 35°C and frequency 50Hz  
Resistance 0.12 0.105 0.092 0.081 0.062 0.05 0.038 0.029 0.023 0.018 0.015 0.014 0.012 0.011 0.009 0.008
Reactor 0.051 0.045 0.039 0.033 0.027 0.022 0.019 0.014 0.011 0.009 0.008 0.007 0.006 0.005 0.004 0.004
Impedance 0.13 0.114 0.101 0.087 0.068 0.055 0.042 0.032 0.025 0.02 0.017 0.016 0.013 0.012 0.01 0.009
Comparison between enclosure and conductor section area (equivalent with aluminum enclsoure)
Current(A) PE section area
400 320%
630 274%
800 240%
1000 305%
1250 235%
1400 211%
1600 187%
2000 157%
2300 136%
2500 121%
3100 221%
3800 197%
4300 184%
5000 171%
Tap - off units are suitable for MCCBs or SDFs or MCBs
Protection unit Current(A) H(mm) W(mm) L(mm)
Fuse 16-25 310 250 500
Switch 32-160 270 360 450
200-400 340 390 550
630-800 370 550 700
Breaker 16-200 310 250 550
250-400 310 340 650
630-800 350 340 950

Compact Busbar

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