How to do routine maintenance of security monitoring project

The development of security monitoring has made the engineering companies more and more competitive. If the pressure and security occupy a position in the security monitoring engineering market, the early installation and the later routine maintenance all have an important role.

A project will inevitably require the purchase of various equipment, and security monitoring will generally involve a large number of purchases and suppliers. Basically all come from various vendors on the market. The decentralized procurement of equipment leads to excessive consideration of the performance and cost of the equipment, while ignoring the later maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. The frequency of failures of many devices after a period of use increases. How does the security monitoring project do routine maintenance?

First of all, we need to develop a complete equipment maintenance program. The maintenance of equipment is a difficult and important task. Formulating a maintenance plan can complicate complex and tedious work. When a device fails, professional technicians can quickly call up relevant technical parameters, performance indicators, and other relevant information of the device, and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve the maintenance efficiency of the device.

Secondly, in daily life, we need to understand the operating technology and requirements for monitoring the entire system equipment, and periodically monitor the quality of the transmission line of the monitoring system every month.

Third, most of the security monitoring systems need to be set up outdoors, and lightning protection measures are very important. It is common for thunderstorms to cause destructive danger to the equipment. This causes great safety risks to the normal operation of the monitoring equipment. Therefore, monitoring equipment must pay great attention to lightning protection during the maintenance process. The lightning protection measures are mainly to make grounding grounding equipment.

Fourth, security monitoring equipment needs to be protected against moisture, dust, and corrosion. Many devices are placed in a dusty environment. Over time, dust will have a direct and significant impact on the operation of the equipment. How to monitor daily moisture, dust, and corrosion The maintenance work is very important.

Finally, we need to regularly monitor and optimize the monitoring system every month. In a reasonable period of time, we should monitor the network performance of the monitoring system once a month, including the connectivity, stability, and bandwidth utilization of the network. We will check for abnormal conditions and perform related processing. Strengthen the service life of the equipment.

Of course, the daily maintenance of security monitoring and control projects will certainly not only refer to the above measures, but also have more details. Due to limited knowledge, Wei Ford Xiaobian can only give an overview of the importance of security monitoring and maintenance to the device's service life.

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