How to choose the dining table and chair of Zhoujia Mansion

At present, the variety of dining tables and chairs on the market is very rich, there are trendy and stylish all-tempered glass dining table with brown solid wood frame; there is a simple and elegant brown beech dining table; there is a garden-style wooden color dining table; there is also a set of playing mahjong, retracting A multi-functional dining table with dining and dining. And the brand of dining table and chair is even more numerous, the following go to the small network to introduce the blow How to choose the dining table and chair of Zhoujia Mansion .


The tempered glass dining table has the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, and crystal clear; the eucalyptus table has the characteristics of hard wood, high strength, not easy to be damaged, and not easily deformed and cracked. The log table is simple and natural. It can be used for dining for two couples in the world. It can also be used as a tea table or coffee table. It can also be placed on the balcony. Entertainment and dining are combined.

Decoration tips: how to choose a dining table and chairs?

The first thing to choose from a dinette is to look at quality. On the one hand, the quality is ergonomically designed. It is better to sit on the dining chair and feel comfortable. The arm can be placed naturally on the table. Then it is necessary to look at the solidity of the tables and chairs, especially the frequent use of the dining chair. When purchasing, pay attention to the materials and splicing of the chair. Generally speaking, the traditional squat structure is more difficult. Then the dining chair using wood such as eucalyptus and eucalyptus is firmer. In addition to trying to sit and feel whether the chair is shaking and unstable, it can also be judged by observing the traces of the legs and the repair of the cracks. The legs and the support parts of the dining chair cannot be used with materials with shackles and cracks. Otherwise, Will seriously affect the service life.

The dining table has a variety of styles such as fixed, movable, folding, etc. The household dining table is mostly square or round. A folding square steel wood activity table sold in the market has been selling well because it is suitable for dining tables in a variety of space environments. The size and size of the dining table must be determined by the size of the living room. If you have a spacious separate dining room, you can of course choose an elegant and gorgeous large dining table, with a luxurious layout to hold a feast for the guests; If it is a small unit, it is more appropriate to have a small dining table, otherwise it will only occupy the place and waste space; some folding dining tables are the most suitable. Because it can keep small volume in normal times, it will not hinder the place, and when there are relatives and friends visiting, it can expand the volume of the folding table, which is very practical.

Commonly used dining tables and dining chairs should meet the following size standards:

Square table: 760 degrees × 760 degrees square table and 1070 degrees × 760 degrees rectangular table is a common table size. If the chair can be extended into the bottom of the table, a six-seat dining table can be placed in a small corner. It is enough to pull out the table when eating. The table legs of such a dining table are preferably indented. The height of the platform is preferably around 710 degrees, which is very convenient to use.

Round table: If the furniture in the dining room is square and rectangular, a round dining table can be used to get better space adjustment. Another advantage of the round table is that the number of people sitting is more tolerant. As long as the chair is pulled away from the table, you can sit on many people, not as convenient as sitting on the corner. The diameter of the round table can be 2-3 people, the 750 degree can sit 4-5 people, the 900 degree can sit 5-6 people, the 1050 degree can sit 6-7 people 1200 degrees can sit 8-9 people. In general small and medium-sized units, the size of the dining room is often too large to use a 1,200-degree dining table. You can order a 1140-degree round table, which can also sit 8-9 people, but it seems that the space is more spacious. If you use a dining table of 900 degrees or more, you can sit on many people, but it is not appropriate to place too many fixed chairs. If you put 8 chairs at 1200 degrees, it is very crowded. 4-6 chairs can be placed at a discretion, and people can use folding chairs for a long time. Opening and closing table: It is also called extended dining table. It can be changed from a 900 degree square table or a 1050 degree round table to a long or elliptical table of 1350-1700 degrees. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized units to use for a long time. Pay attention to its mechanical structure when purchasing. It should be smooth and stable when opening and closing, and it is easy to align when folding.

Dining chair: The seating height of the dining chair is 430 degrees - 480 degrees, which is more comfortable. The seat is too high and too low, and the meal is not comfortable, so it is not appropriate to sit on the sofa to eat. Some dining chairs have a 50-degree cushion and a snake-shaped sling underneath, which is less comfortable than a chair.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the furniture brand of Zhoujia Mansion. Today, the introduction of Xiaobian is here. If you want to know more, please look forward to the best. Tracking reports.

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