How much does a fingerprint lock cost? Depth is good


Smart door lock is a good thing? Especially the fingerprint lock!

Since he had used him, he has been unable to leave him. More people understand the fingerprint lock and want to buy him.

But what exactly is the price of a fingerprint lock? Is a cheap fingerprint lock?

More people ask in such an attitude, just like a friend who knows something like this:


Smart lock is even more expensive than mobile phones? Is his cost higher than mobile phones?

The technology that the mobile phone mainly applies to: communication, network, image recognition, biometrics, mould, machining probably these fields. In addition to the machine, it is electronic technology. Let's look at fingerprint locks: Communication, networking, biometrics, mechatronics, casting, molds, machining, etc. basically include a lot more mobile phones. And more integrated mobile phones, smart door locks are not only integrated, but also their relative independence (standard requirements, no way). Why mobile phone can sell 3000 + fingerprint lock can not it?

This is only an appearance, and the technical requirements for fingerprint locks are even more demanding. Waterproof, anti-violence, and anti-technical technologies should be more stable (whether or not you open the door and you will not get married). The demand for power consumption is higher, and the experience is better. Fingerprint lock is not only a function, but it also embodies the security, management, convenience, decoration and so on. Think about it, is the requirement for fingerprint lock too high? No way, people with hard feelings and fingerprints are trying to meet and pay tribute to them!

After the technology is finished, we will talk about the cost of production. In all cases where prices rise, our fingerprint locks are still cutting prices. Let's take a look at the quality of fingerprint locks. With an annual output of 100,000 ordinary fingerprint locks, each 2,000 yuan to calculate, including research and development costs, hardware costs, software costs, assembly costs, management costs, logistics costs, marketing costs, installation, after sales, and so on. Look at the picture to speak, this is the cost of the industry's first-line companies.


Do not tell me that there is moisture, here is just a basic cost, if you add automatic locks, motor locks, and smart home combination, the cost of at least three hundred, so at a show to see a lower price , Even the price is only 999 fingerprint lock, then only to say, minus it, this price is currently the mainstream price of first-line manufacturers. What to reduce, I use cheaper electronic solutions, such as mobile phones, can be reduced, the stability of what can not be said, the phone can not solve the password, the lock to try, will not open the door will not be married. Lock body is too expensive, a treasure only thirty dollars, okay, minus, but do not forget the fingerprint lock requirements can be much higher than the mechanical lock, and really a problem can be troublesome. Only one motor is worth 5 dollars. I really want to twitch. There are more than a dozen accessories in the clutch, including motors, reduction gears, housings, worms, and so on. Can a motor be solved? Others say that if your product is good, you don't need marketing cost, but my product is better. If you don't know, will the elderly buy it? This is not high-input marketing? If you like the factory in Shenzhen, it is estimated that the minimum cost of a lock will be increased by about 400 yuan, so people sell more expensive, but in fact it is no money to earn!

Dear parents, haven't you counted other costs here? Mold costs, personnel training, travel and hospitality expenses, etc., how the price fell, and the wages of R & D personnel with the fingerprint locks in the past two years, the wages rolling up, it is not the cost? So how does a cheap fingerprint lock come? What if you want to sell 999? Reduce the allocation! Reduce the allocation! Reduce the allocation! The important thing to say three times, you fingerprint users must be clear, reduction is the last word, whether it is R & D, hardware or anything, as long as the reduction can be reduced prices. As far as the current industry development is concerned, when the output does not reach 2,000 baht/day, it is estimated that few manufacturers can make such a low-price lock without reducing the quota. Unless to reduce!

Of course, there are also low prices, for the market, for financing, the product does a good job, the quality is also OK, but this product can exist forever?

In fact, it took so long to speak to some people who didn't understand it. Most people still had a correct understanding of the price and the goods, especially in the fingerprint lock market, according to the fingerprint lock industry authority in the country. The research structure of 1200 dealers shows that the best price for consumers to buy fingerprint locks is: 2000-3000 yuan, so it is said that there are still more smart people in the world, which is exactly the middle point of current price control of fingerprint locks. , is too low, to reduce the allocation, the quality can not guarantee, too high, Oh, who is willing to take more money out?



Consumers have passed the judgment of the market and given us the most realistic price. This is their choice. This is the most true, it may be a large number of trial and error trials by consumers. The current product of the fingerprint lock market price And quality can be stable, marketing can do well, and the service can do as well.

Finally, what price should a fingerprint lock/smart lock product be? Certainly it is not cheaper, the better, but it is suitable. The basic cost is there. The manufacturer can't lose money to do business. Even if it temporarily loses, it will not lose forever. When selecting a fingerprint lock, be sure to open your eyes and look carefully. Low price does not mean that high prices do not mean better. The right one is the best. Always remember! ! !

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