Floor Installation Tips Floor Mounting Considerations

The floor is our common decorative material, natural wood texture, comfortable feet, giving us a different home life experience. There are many materials on the floor, the most common are solid wood, solid wood composites, laminate flooring, when we buy, businesses often will arrange masters to install. Today, we will introduce the relevant contents of the floor installation below, and learn together to understand the installation method of the floor !

Floor installation tips

1, in the home decoration generally lay the floor first, then install the door, but with the improvement of the construction process, both before, are all possible. If the door is installed first, you need to reserve the floor thickness of the floor. You can use the floor formula to calculate the floor thickness. You can also allow floor operators to calculate the floor thickness.

2, the installation of the baseboard, need to see if the mouth is flush, but also need to check the size of the gap with the floor, can not be greater than 1 mm. If the baseboard is an iron nail, the distance between the nails must not exceed 30mm.

3, home space If you have a geothermal system, in the weeks before you are ready to install, you need to turn on the ground heat, open the windows for ventilation, and evaporate the room's moisture. Corresponding geothermal floors should be used. If they cannot always exceed 27 degrees, there will be some loss of the floor.

4. Lay the floor for the first time and prepare the furniture for entry. You can choose the floor maintenance within the first two or three days. You can choose the flooring business regular floor maintenance package to carry out maintenance.

Floor installation precautions

1. Only after the home space, the hydropower project, the mud and wood project, and the paint are completed can the floor be installed to prevent other projects from causing certain damage to the ground.

2, the floor laying area, the ground remains flat and clean, no dust, no garbage, water pipes, heating pipes are not recommended to go to the ground, maintenance is more difficult.

3, need to maintain a certain gap between the floor and the floor, to ensure the weather, the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor material.

4. In the same paving area, there may be an appropriate floor height difference, but within the standard range.

5, in our normal use, the temperature should be controlled at 18-22 ° air conditioning 45-65% humidity.

Floor installation method

Due to different materials and types of floor materials, different methods of installation and installation of different products generally include traditional wood keel laying, suspension, splint keel installation and direct laying after leveling. Meet the different decoration of the crowd, the characteristics of different products, to choose the appropriate installation method.

Regarding the floor installation related content, I will briefly introduce you here and I hope to help you. If you need to learn more about the floor decoration information, or need to understand other decoration knowledge, you can pay attention to our website, more exciting content, waiting for you.

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