Colourful ecologically permeable floor brings a healthier campus environment

Reading: "Eco", "green" has always been the slogan of the modern building materials industry, more and more schools began to use the more environmentally friendly color floor to replace the original plastic runway, then what is the floor? What are the characteristics of the color ecological permeable floor?

Colourful ecologically permeable floor brings a healthier campus environment

Permeable floor is a new type of environmental protection floor, using the principle of no sand concrete, with cement as the main cement material, high-efficiency admixtures and mineral admixtures, and high-strength point-to-point connection of coarse aggregates. With 15% to 20% porosity, the ground has a strong bearing capacity, which is a hard landscape product with both water permeability and bearing capacity.

Compared with plastic runways, what are the advantages of permeable floors?

Water permeability

Plastic runways can only be used in all weather conditions if they have certain drainage facilities. The pervious floor, however, is rainwater that directly penetrates underground through the pores, which can better protect the ecological environment, reduce internal pollution, and alleviate the urban heat island effect.

2. Bearing capacity

The plastic runway prohibits all vehicles from running; and the pervious floor bearing capacity can reach the C25-C35 load bearing standard. This means that even if the vehicle is running on the paved road, it will not cause damage to the ground.

3. Durability

The normal service life of plastic runways is approximately 5 years; the service life of permeable floors is as high as 15 years.

4. Landscape

Permeable floor is rich in color, design patterns are adapted to local conditions; increase the atmosphere of youthful vitality on campus.

5. Environmental protection

Ecologically permeable floors are more environmentally friendly.

6. Security

Permeable floors are highly safe and do not accumulate water, slip, or reflect at night.

7. Daily cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning procedure of the plastic runway is relatively tedious; the daily cleaning of the permeable floor requires only a high-pressure pump for flushing, and the dust on the surface will infiltrate the ground with water, saving time and effort.

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