Breakthrough in research and application of relay protection test technology in smart substation

Breakthrough in research and application of relay protection test technology in smart substation

Substations are an important part of the power grid. Actively conducting smart substation research and practice plays an important role in ensuring energy security, improving energy efficiency, improving energy structure, coping with climate change, and improving service levels. By the Chinese Electric Power Research Institute Zhou Chunxia, ​​Zhou Zeyi, Zhan Rongrong, Li Zhongqing, Ai Shuyun, Li Yanjun, Zhang Xiaoli, Du Chuang, Yu Yue, Dong Minghui, Xiang Canfang, Zhan Zhihua, Jia Wei, Cui Jia, Liu Huihai and other research team completed The research and application projects of relay protection test technology in smart substations are based on the characteristics closely related to the operation characteristics of smart substation relay protection and smart devices and network data flow. The smart substations are considered in terms of equipment unit, system integration, and overall performance test. Research on Relay Protection Test Technology.

Smart Substation Relay Protection

The research and application project of relay protection testing technology for smart substations complies with the development trend of the world power grid. China proposes to build a strong smart grid by 2020. As of the end of 2012, 217 smart substations have been put into operation in the State Grid system, and six new generation of smart substations will be built in 2013. A new generation of smart intelligence will be built in 2014-2015. 50 substations. The strong smart grid is a powerful platform for energy conversion, efficient configuration, and interactive services. It is a modern grid tightly integrated with strong grids and intelligent control. It is an intelligent grid that covers all aspects of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, power supply, and dispatch. Power Systems. The development of a strong smart grid has enormous economic value, social value, and environmental protection value. It is a strategic choice for achieving sustainable energy development and will provide safer, more efficient, and cleaner power protection for economic and social development.

Aiming at the characteristics of large-scale use of electronic transformers in smart substations, the transmission characteristics of electronic transformers have been studied and proposed. The impact of electronic transformers on relay protection devices in smart substations has been analyzed; Optimized configuration of data traffic and compatibility testing technology between different switches; researching the accuracy of data acquisition unit, the uniformity of sending data packets, and delay testing techniques; and researching the cooperation between intelligent terminals and various types of protection and control devices. Motion reliability testing technology. The various information interaction methods and testing techniques between intelligent equipment and protection substations, information substations, and recording substations in the process sublayer, bay layer, station control layer of smart substations are studied.

Firstly, the performance test and evaluation technology of the secondary system equipment of the intelligent substation in the simulated operation environment;

For the first time, the effectiveness of the data processing mechanism of the protection device is evaluated when data anomalies such as unit data distortion and data frame dropping are combined.

For the first time, a spectroscopy test method based on the principle of symmetrical light was used to realize the comparison test of the differences in the transmission of different optical communication ports, which provided an effective method for studying the influence of the protection device.

Using the test method of the non-synchronous operating conditions of the multi-terminal data acquisition unit to the protection device, an important conclusion is drawn that the protection of the data acquisition unit should not be blocked during the out-of-step operation of the data acquisition unit.

The project has authorized 2 national invention patents, accepted 2 items, published 4 academic papers, proposed 5 national grid company standards, and trained 2 masters.

This project was used to test more than 100 smart devices of 64 models produced by 18 intelligent equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, and relay protection configurations for secondary equipment and smart substations of digital substations and smart grid dispatching technical support systems in Zhejiang and Guilin were performed. Research on the application and other projects found and solved many technical problems and equipment defects in the research and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Breakthrough in independent innovation

Break through the traditional single-device test mode, researched and completed system characteristics analysis methods including multi-voltage level and multi-station nodes, and pioneered the system integration detection technology based on smart substation process layer equipment, bay layer equipment, and station control layer equipment, and realized intelligence. New Technology of Relay Protection Testing in Different Data Transmission Modes of Substations .

A closed-loop detection method for the time delay of the intelligent terminal with controllable delays was proposed, which significantly improved the accuracy of the test and solved the problem that the traditional test method could not accurately test the operation characteristics of the smart terminal, and provided the time for system failure removal under the intelligent substation environment. The important calculation basis.

A high-precision test method for the synchronicity of the merging unit of the synchronous measurement device was proposed to achieve the punctuality test of the merging unit. The metric of the punctuality error within 5 min was less than 4 us was proposed. This project proposes a punctuality test method. The merging unit clock offset is measured at different time nodes. This technique serves as an important basis for normalizing the performance of the data acquisition unit.

A spectroscopy test method based on the principle of symmetric light was proposed. It was the first time that the differential transmission test of optical fiber communication in smart substations was implemented. It provided technical means for the analysis of the influence of transmission characteristics of optical networking on relay protection devices. The technology is us-level error data, which can accurately test and evaluate the packet transmission performance of different optical communication ports of smart devices.

This paper presents a test method for the protection device when the multi-input data unit is not synchronized, and draws an important conclusion that the out-of-step protection of the data unit should not be blocked under certain conditions. For the first time, the adaptability of the protection device to the dual A/D sampling of the electronic transformer is provided, which provides an important basis for standardizing the double A/D data processing mechanism of the protection device. For the first time, the project performed adaptive performance studies on dual-A/D sampling modes. It was found that the dual AD differences of some manufacturers' merging units had a certain impact on the protection and processing of dual-AD data, and solved the differences in the dual A/D data of some devices. The technical flaws of inconsistent protection device behavior.

A simulation method for merging data anomalies such as unit data distortion, data delay deviation, sample value drop frame, and sample count index discontinuity was proposed to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of the data processing mechanism of the smart substation protection device and overcome the one-sidedness of the single evaluation method. Digital sampling adaptability test project successfully applied to protection devices.

Application of results and benefits

Application Project Achievements A digital sampling substation at the digital level of a digital substation in Zhejiang Province and a 500 kV Guilin Digital Substation were implemented for the overall coordination performance and interoperability of more than 100 sets of smart devices in the process layer, bay layer, and station control layer produced by mainstream smart device manufacturers in China. , Smart grid dispatching technical support system secondary equipment joint adjustment and intelligent substation relay protection configuration and application of large-scale simulation tests.

Tests have tested multiple manufacturers' protective equipment and made it work in various ways. Due to the differences in the way of implementation among various manufacturers, problems arise with the cooperation of equipment from different manufacturers. Tests have shown that after testing and commissioning equipment from various manufacturers have been unified to a certain degree, they have been able to adapt to the needs of the project. At the same time, it also shows that the system-level dynamic simulation test can effectively improve the interoperability between various types of IED equipment, promote the development of smart substation technology, and have significant economic and social benefits. (Liu Yang)


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