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Positioned as the international high-end brand " Ao Ma " furniture, for the first original Italian famous designer to build the whole project, the creative design, aesthetic design, functional design, process structure design, material selection, etc. of the brand furniture are all from Italy. Well-known designers plan to build. “ Ao Ma ” brand furniture combines the latest international fashion trends, closely combines the contemporary taste and lifestyle, absorbs the advanced technology and design concepts of Europe and the United States, and integrates modern humanities, art and aesthetics . The famous Italian designers have been carefully crafted for three years. high-grade furniture, modern minimalist style classic, masterpieces, international product quality.


Currently, the AMA furniture market has launched a 98 degree light walnut series (KA), Maple degree series (KF), Teana series (KW), Medellin series (KL) and the Senna family (KK) a total of five series.

The price of low-priced furniture in Aoma is generally below ¥ 2,000 , including some small furniture ( such as: cabinets, coffee tables, side tables, shoe cabinets, bedside tables, etc. ) . The mid-range price of Aoma furniture is generally between ¥ 2000- ¥ 6000. This price includes a table set and some large furniture such as beds and wardrobes. The items are usually about two or three thousand. If there is a matching product, the price will be slightly. Higher. Aoma's high-priced furniture is generally more than 6,000 yuan of furniture, including some combination furniture products ( such as: combination bookcases, wardrobes, bedroom combinations, restaurant combinations, etc. ) .


In the furniture industry, Aoma furniture is affordable and rewards customers with the most extreme home experience at the best price.

There are three types of PTFE Tube

(1)Paste Extruded Tube
 The tube is made by paste extruded with disperse rsin.

(2)Plug Extruded Tube
 The tube is made by plug extruded with suspension rsin.

(3)Molded Tube
 The tube is made by molded method.

 Specifications of PTFE tube

  OD(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Paste Extruded Tube 0.5~25 0.1~2.5 According to customer's request
Plug Extruded Tube 25~250 1.5~8 According to customer's request
Molded Tube 25~2000 5~500 100~300
And special specifications can be customized.

If you have any interest, please contact us. We will response to you as soon as possible.

PTFE Tubing

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